NAFA2018年7月拍卖会顺利收官 NAFA's July 2018 Sale Wraps Up    行业资讯    NAFA2018年7月拍卖会顺利收官 NAFA's July 2018 Sale Wraps Up


   NAFA's July 2018 auction concluded today with the final sale of Section III mink achieving comparatively very strong results. China was the dominant buyer.


First and foremost, NAFA would like to thank the international fur trade for all of its support this season, which has allowed us to competitively sell over 97% of this year's total mink offering in an extremely difficult market.  


Throughout the year, NAFA's sales attracted big buyer audiences from across all major markets.  We would also like to thank the many hundreds of international buyers who participated via our online auction services.


This year, NAFA was also able sell a much higher volume of wild fur than anyone might have expected earlier in the year, especially considering the state of the market.


2018 has been another tough year for all of us and we recognize that there are still many challenges ahead. However, rest assured that NAFA will continue to use all of its many resources to support the growth and future prosperity of the industry.


We wish everyone a healthy and productive summer.



2018年7月11日 15:32
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